Phillip McCatty
Elite Triathlete

#GC2018 Thank You

I'll take this opportunity to extend a heart-felt Thank You to everyone that assisted in making this experience a reality. It was an honor to represent Jamaica at the 21st Commonwealth Games & is something I'll never forget. It was a long journey filled with hard work, sacrifice, many victories & set-backs. It also reinforced the need to remain grounded - always staying true to the goal, & strengthened my resolve to improve my skills in all areas of life. I am a better person for it. I'm grateful to all my family & friends for the support & well wishes. Thank you for the opportunities provided & most importantly, for believing in me. I'll publicly acknowledge the major contributors below that made this all possible.

#GC2018 #ShareTheDream #BetterThanYesterday

Kelly Arnott
Mathew Reid
Alene Alexanian
Amanda McLeod
Andre Gordon
Ben Cameron
Bernardine Thompson
Carol & Charles Bedley
Colleen Clairmont
Genevieve Brassard
Geoghan Hendry
Glenda Cameron
Gail & Nick Jurkovic
Jane McKenna
Jessey Elf
Jianping Xu
Joanne Riff
John Farr
Jose Fuentes
Julia Hendry
Kathy Coffey
Krista McNaughton
Lauren Reid
Marcy Hendry
Mark Upsdell
Pamela Blair
Pat & Harry Greening
Predrag Mladenovic
Rona & Brad Long
Ryan Coffey
Sean Green
Sheryl Sawyer
Spencer Lee
Taesha & Henry Hubers
Tim Bauxman
Valla P

Jamaica Olympic Association
Jamaica Triathlon Association
Mattina Mechanical Ltd
Fighting Koalas Triathlon Team
Golden Horseshoe Aquatic Club
Royal Hamilton Yacht Club
Foot Tools Burlington